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Related article: Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 19:20:35 -0700 From: Chuckles Chuckerson Subject: Adventures of A Manipulative BottomAdventures of a Manipulative BottomChapter OneI hope you enjoy the exciting twists, turns, and surprises about what happens in the true story of a sneaky, manipulative bottom!London Harrison checked out his appearance in the mirror of the doctor's office lobby. His shirt clung perfectly to the teen's developed pecs, but still clung tight enough to his sides to reveal the athletic figure inside. He wore his short, black fuck-me shorts that showed off his two muscular yet soft and round ass globes which were both his money maker and his prized possession. London knew that no man, straight or gay, could ignore the perfection of London's bubble butt. His muscular yet smooth thighs and legs called out to be spread and held by the most masculine of men. "Perfect," London thought, "Dr. Ringwald won't be able to resist." He had a carefully laid out plan and the first step was to successfully seduce his doctor. He knew today was the day to strike."London Harrison, Dr. Ringwald will see you now!" called out the old, crusty haired nurse he had seen way too many times now. With a sly smile to himself and a wink to the bulky businessman he had caught lusting at the sight of his plump ass, he made his way to the object of his seduction.Sixteen year old London Harrison always had a manipulative streak and he almost always got what he wanted. London had a thing for strong, extremely masculine men who would take charge of him, fuck him with all of Lolita Hussyfan Sites their power, completely dominate him, pull his hair, spank him, and attempt to put him in his place as the bottom that he is. Of course being such a manipulative tease, the attempts to tame the wild boy wouldn't last long. Whether it was his gym coach, his best friends' fathers and brothers, his female friend's boyfriends, or even his foster father, the teen had a way with seducing even the most masculine of straight men into parting his beautiful ass in order to fuck some discipline into the bad boy.This time he would try to use his seductive talents to ultimately extort money from the wealthy doctor he had gone to almost his whole life.London stepped into the familiar office of Dr. Ringwald, the doctor his adoption agency had appointed for him since he was a child. Over the years, he had built a relationship and the doctor felt a paternal concern for London, although now the teen only saw Dr. Ringwald as a pawn to be manipulated for the sake of his own agenda. Dr. Ringwald, who was about in his early 40s, still looked quite young for his age and was married to another young doctor he had met in college. London could hear Ringwald's children playing in the nursery across the hall and hoped they wouldn't be able to hear the following events: or did he? All of the female nurses in the practice lusted after Dr. Ringwald, the pinnacle of Caucasian American physicality: amazingly handsome face, the piercing blue eyes, the warm smile that makes you melt, the buff stature all served to make him the object of several people's lust. Unfortunately for them, he was married, but that never stopped London before. He wondered how his caramel skinned body (after all, he was half black, half white, which resulted in producing a beautifully smooth pussy boy with a fat ass) would look underneath that of the tanned, buff older man."What are you in for today, old friend?" Dr. Ringwald patted London on the thigh like he was talking to a child. London immediately noticed this and got into the motions earlier than expected."See, doctor, I've been having this problem lately... it's this throbbing in my bottom, Dr. Ringwald. It started in gym class, sir, when I fell during football practice. I think it might be bleeding internally... will you check it out?" He just so happened to leave out the part where the gym coach forcibly fucked him in complete lust, fully clothed, on the desk in the principal's office. There was no bleeding involved, but the teen left school that day with about three loads of adult semen leaking out of him.London then turned Lolita Hussyfan Sites around, bent over, and pulled down his black shorts to reveal his sexy, fuckable assets. "Please?" London pleaded over his shoulder.The doctor nearly choked at the sight of the teen's lithe body. He had always known he was heterosexual and had never thought of another male in a sexual way. But something about the boy was causing a stirring in his loins and it disturbed him greatly. "London, perhaps I should get a specialist in to look at-""No, sir, I need you to do it. Lolita Hussyfan Sites You're the only doctor I feel comfortable with... the only one I trust... you know, you're like a father to me," the teen twinkled.He couldn't deny one of his patients to be treated by his own doctor, no matter what his personal drawbacks were. After a series of questions and paperwork, he put on a latex glove and lubricated a finger."Is my shirt in the way, sir? I'll take it off for you!" As London took off his shirt and bent back over the patient's bed, Dr. Ringwald was immediately reminded of his wife's submissive behavior in bed. The way London positioned his body and gave up complete command to the doctor caused Lolita Hussyfan Sites a droplet of precum to run down his pant leg. Before examination began, he placed his hand on London's left butt cheek which elicited a moan from the horny teen. The doctor put his gloved finger up to the boy's winking, hairless hole and pushed in only slightly."The throbbing is deeper, sir. I think you may need two fingers!" London strained to say without revealing the lust in his voice. After more prodding, the doctor complied and pushed two fingers in deeper, causing London to moan out in a definitely erotic way that again reminded the doctor of his wife. He began to withdraw his fingers, when London used his ass muscles to clamp down on them, causing the doctor to shiver with lust. How was this happening? How could the married, straight doctor have a throbbing erection over the ass of a teenage boy? London's asshole spasms caused the gym coach's semen to begin to leak out of the tight hole and surround Dr. Ringwald's fingers."London... you haven't told me the whole story," he looked at the boy with concern. Then London went in for the kill. Everyone knew that ever since his foster father, Jorge, had gone missing the boy had been in a state of unrest, always getting into trouble."It's just that I need a daddy to tell me what to do..." London pouted while looking over his shoulder suggestively, arching his back submissively, and rubbing his ass against Dr. Ringwald's throbbing crotch. With that, the doctor's breaths became deeper as London could hear the unmistakable sound of a belt being undone. The married doctor and father of two pulled out his thick instrument and placed it on the cummy hole of the sexy teen. London looked back over his shoulder to see the once friendly, paternal man become a dominating, lust filled towering figure."This is what you need, isn't it? What you came here for?" Dr. Ringwald spat and he spanked the boy's pussy hole with his large tube of masculinity. "Yes, daddy, I mean, doctor-"London whined in heat, impatient to be filled with the older man's penile power. "Uuuuuuuh! Daddy!" London moaned as the object of his seduction finally made the plunge into his sexy anal canal. The doctor completely stopped speaking as he marveled at the boy's beautifully crafted body: it was if he was made to be used sexually by strong, horny men. He grabbed London by the hips and repeatedly plunged in a forceful manner he could no longer control: he was completely overcome by lust and had fallen under London's carefully woven spell. He lay out over the boy's back and grunted into the teen's ear with every thrust he laid deep within his ass. London's groans of pleasure filled the room and the doctor feared his children across the hall would be able to hear, so he stuffed his navy blue tie into the gaping, loud mouth of the horned up kid. This allowed him to make even deeper thrusts as the muffled moans could only be heard and enjoyed by the doctor now. He varied his thrusts, sometimes plunging all the way in before pulling back, leaving just the head in. The athletic bodied teen would look back at the older man pleadingly and the doctor would do short jabbing attacks against London's prostate, causing the kid to lose control of his body and lay completely flat, face in pillow, on the patient's bed. Dr. Ringwald marveled at his ability to command the young man's body and grinned to himself. He hadn't felt so sexually dominating since his days as the football captain, fucking nearly the whole cheerleading squad, holding them down and making them feel his every movement. Now he was back in a young, tight hole, controlling the every breath of the helpless body below him. In order for London's plan to work, he knew he would have to give Dr. Ringwald the best sexual experience of his life, and pleasing strong, virile men was his forte. He began to work his anal muscles on the now sweaty man's sextube. The older man stopped his constant thrusts and put his largely biceped arms behind his head as he enjoyed London working himself around on his dick. Dr. Ringwald grunted in absolute pleasure as London gained control of his body back enough to post himself back and forth on the married man's dick in an attempt to suck the load out of him. There was nothing London loved more than using his ass to drain the seed of a sexy, muscular man, but this time it wasn't just for fun. There was something he wanted and he was going to get it.Dr. Ringwald looked down at the lust filled, caramel skinned kid below him who was taking his white dick so well. London was obviously in need of some discipline and so he thought about what he does to discipline his own kids. He gave London a loud spank on the ass which caused the boy to yelp, shudder, and squeeze down on the man's cock even harder. With a roar, the doctor caused a litany of anal spasms by continuing to spank the kid and forcefully grabbed either side of his ass with both hands while riding him hard. The older man took back control of the fuck in order to show the boy some discipline and who was in charge. London continued to emit erotic moans and yelps when the doctor would thrust with all of his might into the upturned, bubble butt. He could feel a steady flow of semen pouring from the man's dick, but he planned on getting the whole load."Yeah, London, you need a daddy. You need someone to take control of your ass and show you who the real man is," he grunted into the boy's ear. By now he had pulled the boy up by his hair so he could talk dirty into his ear while spanking the boy, causing the kid to go into spells of lusty shudders and anal spasms. London could feel his own orgasm coming, but he wanted to make the doctor come first so he began to milk the older man despite the fact that he was still thrusting forcefully. The older man knew this trick well as his wife used to do it when he would fuck her too long. She would try to squeeze the cum out of him, but it would never work: he was the one in control. He later became the paternalistic, nice Dr. Ringwald, but London's behavior had brought out another side of him.Still connected by the tie around the man's neck which had been stuffed in the kid's mouth, London's muffled moans only served to further arouse Dr. Ringwald who panted deeply into the teen's ear. The doctor held on to London's hair as he continued to ram the boy with all his might. London felt his own dick about to explode in orgasm, so he knew he had to think fast. He somehow managed to spit the tie out of his mouth in time to plead "Please sir, cum in my ass."Dr. Ringwald, in lust-filled, smug amusement asked "What did you just say, boy?" When London failed to immediately answer, the buffed up, sweaty man gave him a quick, large thrust, a spank, and a pulling of the hair before asking "What did you say, boy?" With this, he withdrew his dick almost completely, just leaving the head in. Knowing his silence would drive the man to the edge, London merely whined in lust and lowered himself half way down the dominant man's cock. "I know what will fix you" Dr. Ringwald spat as he immediately let out five forceful thrusts into the perfectly shaped ass. Without the tie in his mouth, London couldn't control the volume of his voice and moaned like a blond in a porn film. After placing his large hand over the kid's mouth, a final anal spasm from London sent the sexy hunk over the edge as he deposited five large spurts of his fertile seed into the fluctuating bubble ass of the hot teenager. He continued to thrust through his orgasm, roaring into London's ear, occasionally giving him a spank in order to let him know his orgasm was not a sign of London defeating him, but a sign of the doctor's reigning dominance and paternal discipline. London intuitively knew this as he continued to squeeze down on the dick until he had received the whole of the man's loads and the cock deflated. As Dr. Ringwald withdrew his spent cock, he looked down at the parted butt cheeks and the oozing hairless pussy hole between them. His feeling of concern for the teenager returned in the waning absence of pure lust and asked "Are you alright?" London managed to Lolita Hussyfan Sites roll his eyes without the doctor seeing. He knew the doctor had an emotional side which would ultimately be his weakness. He wouldn't build a lasting sexual relationship with Dr. Ringwald, because there was no way the man could truly dominate him. London knew he could easily manipulate the doctor into giving him exactly what he wanted: Dr. Ringwald was quite a wealthy man and London wanted his money. Ever since London's foster father, Jorge, disappeared the teen had been forced to live back at a government sanctioned home waiting to be adopted all over again. He needed money in order to be able to afford a place of his own until he turned eighteen. Why work when you can just extort millions? With a fake look of sadness, he pressed his naked body up to the older man's and gave him a hug."I need someplace to stay, Dr. Ringwald, and you're the only man in my life. Please, can I stay with you?" London asked innocently, knowing he would illicit sympathy from the man who had just lost control and forcefully fucked him with his children right across the al. Dr. Ringwald thought about what his wife would say. He also thought about the influence this wild-assed teenager might have on his young kids. As he began to say no, London got down on his knees and took the still dripping dick of the doctor into his skilled mouth. Dr. Ringwald once again put his muscled arms behind his head as he enjoyed a first class blowjob from the misguided globe assed athlete.London knew just when to stop the blowjob, and just before the doctor came a second time, he looked up from his submissive, kneeled position and said "Please... I'll be a great help around the house!" With his arms still behind his head and his face still screwed up in pleasure, the doctor nodded hastily and forced the kid's head back onto his dick.London smiled to himself with his mouth still bobbing around the man's ample cock. He knew before it was all through that he would be able to not only quell the doctor's dominant streak, but suck him dry for every penny he was worth. In addition to having his own place and money, he would be able to ditch school and search for his missing father! Now for the next step in the plan...Like the story? I want to know! The more response I receive, the more likely I am to reveal more juicy chapters from my life... my e-mail address is is
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